Canada Being Flushed Down The Toilet We Must Fight To Make It Respectable
Created Dec 05 2016 / We Need to save Canada from being flushed down the toilet with all of the bias groups insanity manifestations being forced upon us over political groups bias agendas of lies deceptions and bigotry, from being turned into a third world country as we soar into deficit while ...
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Asian Men and White Women
This is a group for AMWF discussions, relationships, etc.,   Please note that 'Asian' here uses the North American understanding of the word, which tends to focus on East Asians, and South East Asians, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, etc., and others with Mongolo...
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MillionaireThisYearLaunch @MillionairesFactory Zero Out Of Pocket Claim free Money First
21st Century Disruptions... Are All Around Us. Internet eMail Service Disrupted Mail Postal Service iPhone SmartPhone Disrupted Everything Compaq Disrupted IBM, Facebook Disrupted MySpace, Amazon eBay Alibaba Disrupted Retail eCommerce Business, UBER Disrupted Taxi Industry Transportation ...
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Best Pet Pix Blog
A group for sharing their best pet photos.
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Country Frame of Mind Promotions
This group is about promoting Country music that sounds like Country music.  Our main site is here:  http://cfm-promotions.freeforums.net/#category-1
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This group is about Zionism, and everything related, including but not limited to the current Zionist State of Israel, Christian Zionism, and the control they have in America. Please be nice to other members.  No posting vulgarity or pornography.  If you quote something. please give it th...
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Weed The People
A place to find somewhere to say how you feel about cannabis in your life, be it good or bad.
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Jill 2016
Dr Jill Stein for a future!
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Green Party 2016
Support progressive values. Jill Stein Ajamu Baraka 2016
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Weed News At 420
entertainment and education in the cannabis culture  we make youtube videos  we are also on Twitter Instagram Snapchat             WeedNewsAt420.com
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Stoners and Hippies
Uniting everyone together as one. All hippies, hipsters, punkers, beatniks, pacifists, activists, radicals, and  all.   A peaceful open mind is required. We do not allow any rudeness or non loving behavior.  We our evolved and still evolving every day. Let's...
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Happy in my garden
Just simple sharing of your gardening hobby including photos, questions and anything related to gardening.
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Buying Gold The Smart Way - Back your money!!!
Introducing a new revolutionary way to back your money with gold and still be able to use it any where in the world.
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Travel the world
This group is for all who wants to travel the world and connect with travel buddies to plan trips with friends..
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Weekend Projects
From DIY, to step by step management of finding solutions to your ideas projects.
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In this group we make attempts to share, gather, and get information on people who frequently target children online for sexual exploitation.
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Its Time to Be Free
Wake up!!!!!!!!   Learn the truth. Knowledge is Power. Its time to know who the real criminals are.
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Security Group
Information to keep your computer, network, and you aware.
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Team Healthy with Karin
Lets get healthy together.  Plexus slim is changing lifes. You ready to change yours?  
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wacky drunk and stoopid videos
A place to post videos of dumb stuff
21 members

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