Wine Connoisseurs
Rate, talks and descriptions of the best thing to happen to grapes before jams and jellys.
38 members
The Buddy List Group
We are the Buddy List Group.
34 members
Happy Hour
For all your cocktail talks and recipe needs. This is where your Happy Hour begins.
24 members
wacky drunk and stoopid videos
A place to post videos of dumb stuff
21 members
Stoners and Hippies
Uniting everyone together as one. All hippies, hipsters, punkers, beatniks, pacifists, activists, radicals, and  all.   A peaceful open mind is required. We do not allow any rudeness or non loving behavior.  We our evolved and still evolving every day. Let's...
19 members
A place to smoke a cigar and drink while connecting with others. Tell me what brand you smoke and what type of poison you love to drink with it.
15 members
The Vape Lounge
Discussions about E-cig and Herbal Vaping, Vape Products, Contests, and More.  Every one is welcome to be a part of the group. You can start your own contest and Sell & Trade to other users in the group.
14 members
Healthy Sexuality & Happiness
Group for those interested in encouraging healthy sexuality and talking about ways to be happy in all areas of their lives. Let's open up the discussion! Sex should not be shameful. I've written a holistic, self-help guide to help women (and their partners) achieve a squirting orgasm, but more impor...
13 members
Weed News At 420
entertainment and education in the cannabis culture  we make youtube videos  we are also on Twitter Instagram Snapchat             WeedNewsAt420.com
11 members
Linux Users
A place for all users of Gnu Linux to share ideas, Hints and tips, News, Wallpapers, music and more.
8 members
Its Time to Be Free
Wake up!!!!!!!!   Learn the truth. Knowledge is Power. Its time to know who the real criminals are.
6 members
Jill 2016
Dr Jill Stein for a future!
6 members
Country Frame of Mind Promotions
This group is about promoting Country music that sounds like Country music.  Our main site is here:  http://cfm-promotions.freeforums.net/#category-1
4 members
Best Pet Pix Blog
A group for sharing their best pet photos.
4 members
Looking for a wild freak 
3 members
Nature/Wildlife&Landscape Photography
This is a group for all who enjoy filming wildlife and nature. And for those who enjoy being inspired by the beauty this world has to offer. Please feel free to post your photo's.
3 members
Simply Beer
Open discussions about beer and what the best beer out there is today. So crack open a cold one and tell us about it.
3 members
Team Healthy with Karin
Lets get healthy together.  Plexus slim is changing lifes. You ready to change yours?  
3 members
Canada Being Flushed Down The Toilet We Must Fight To Make It Respectable
Created Dec 05 2016 / We Need to save Canada from being flushed down the toilet with all of the bias groups insanity manifestations being forced upon us over political groups bias agendas of lies deceptions and bigotry, from being turned into a third world country as we soar into deficit while ...
3 members
Danbury Fair
Memories of the Great Danbury Fair
2 members

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