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Saturday, November 5, 2016

While working on my graphic novel, I watched V for Vedetta movie again, probably because the movie emphasizes November 5th, and today is November 5th. I have the book, and I have already read the book, which is a graphic novel. Again, the graphic novel is more interesting than the movie, but the movie is still good.

All of the sudden, I noticed it was 12:12pm, but I didn’t notice any messages. After eating lunch, I decided to change my clothes because I want to check out an art gallery reception and do videos. Then, I noticed that time was 3:33pm.

Then, I decided to go to my usual gas station, and I noticed a long line for gas. It was really annoying, and I had to turn my car backwards because I realized that my gas tank was on the other side. At least my car is a small Beetle. I finally got through all that gas station chaos, and I drove to South Coast Plaza.

As I arrived at the mall area, I noticed a political rally in the mall parking lot to support Trump, where people were holding red and blue signs. I arrived early at the art gallery, and I did the first video, but then I realized that I forgot some artwork. After 5pm, and did a second video. I noticed there were fewer artists at the reception, and it seemed much quieter than usual. As I checked out the art, I noticed that lots of scenes had to do with mosaic tiles, ghost towns, modern abstract art and landscape scenes. I hung out there until 7pm, before driving back home and browsing on the internet.

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