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Monday, November 07, 2016

I woke up in the morning and noticed that the time was 8am. But when I went downstairs to feed Gumby and make my breakfast, I suddenly glanced at the TV box time, and noticed 7am.  For a minute or two, I was confused, but I suddenly remember that Sunday was time change, and I had forgotten all about it, although I read it on my calendar a couple of times. I drew a page for my graphic novel. I fixed the microwave clock and my Beetle’s clock. I noticed that my white watch needs a new battery, but I am not sure what battery to buy because I got it free from the internet and it doesn’t have any brand. So, maybe, I will buy a generic battery.  While in yoga class, I glanced to notice the time at 12:12pm.

When I returned home, I ate my lunch, and drew another page, and then I ate my dinner at 5:30pm. I was tired that I need to relax. So, I turned on my computer, made a cup of vegan hot cocoa with vegan marshmallow.

While I drew two pages, I watched a MASH marathon on an independent channel. I never watched all the episodes of MASH when it first aired on TV, but I agree it is probably one of the best TV shows, which is rare.

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