Raw Vegan Lasagna, Raw Vegan Pesto and Drawing Inspiration from Fifi Leigh's blog

Friday, October 28, 2016

I woke up at 11am, and I realized today is Friday. I must have overslept. I forgot to take out the trash, and it is too late to get ready for yoga class at noon. So, I just relaxed, made breakfast, and fed Gumby. I also noticed one of the four avocados is ripe. So, I decided to make Raw Vegan Lasagna, a recipe from my Raw Food book. But I will also add to it a Raw Vegan Pesto, which will include grinded nuts, olive oil, minced garlic, and maybe some extra spices. I tasted the raw vegan lasagna for lunch, and it tasted filling. But I forgot to make the raw vegan pesto, in which I will probably do it for dinner.

I turned on my computer and entered IMVU. I was chatting with someone in his IMVU Penthouse. He gave me an idea for drawing my next page, in which I plan to use, although I feel it might look surreal and confusing.

After closing my IMVU page, I travelled to Yoworld to check out what is going on in that virtual world. It is mostly the same Halloween theme with various gory gifts for home décor.

As I check out my sites on the internet, I am also watching the animated film, Anomalisa, in which I have seen before, but I think it is interesting because it is mostly an adult film about middle-aged looking avatars dealing with adult issues and relationship problems.

As I watch the movie Zoolander 2, which is kind of silly, but I also notice a lot of reference to Illuminati, Satanism, and other dark and twisted ideas in the Zionist media. The movie also references the Zionist-infested fashion industry as well as the Zionist designers who promote dark symbolism in their fashion collection each season. They also have a asexual model who doesn’t look man or woman, or maybe it is both sexes together to symbolize the new age IT person that they want the public to accept or become, similar to the trannie Caitlin Jenner and others.

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