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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

It was a nice, sunny, and warm day with a crispy and cool autumn air. After eating my breakfast, I drew a page for my graphic novel. Then, I drove to the Spectrum Center for yoga class at noon. I returned home to make myself a raw vegan burger. It is mostly comprised of chopped beets, carrots, pistachios, and avocado grounded and blended in a food processor. I didn’t season it because it tasted good as it is. Since I didn’t have raw vegan wrap, lettuce leaves or cabbage leaves for raw vegan buns, I just used what I already had, whole wheat lavash bread, which is vegan but not raw vegan. It was good. I put some raw vegan burger in the center of the lavash bread, and rolled up the bread around the filled, like a burrito.  It tasted like vegan sloppy joes burger burrito. Then, I grounded some Malawi coffee beans into fine form for my Moka espresso. I still had some homemade almond milk that I made earlier this week. I poured some almond milk over my espresso and sprinkled some cinnamon on top. It looked like professional store-brought cappuccino.

I decided to add my own photographs here, in which to add to my post, similar to a picture blog describing my day. The first photo is of my Moka that I bought on sale at TJ Maxx. The second photo is my Illustrator Adobe graphic design drawing of a girl taking a bath in a bathroom scene. The third and fourth photos are my raw vegan meal on my 50th birthday at 118 Degrees. The fifth and sixth pictures are two of my drawings in art classes during college at UCI. I received B+ on the first one and A on the second one. The seventh photo is of my Virgin Mary vigil I put together for meditation purposes.

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