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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I woke up around 10:30am, fed Gumby, and ate my breakfast. Then, I made a cup of vegan hot cacao with vegan marshmallow. Today is Election Day, and I really don’t feel like voting for anyone. I strongly believe it is all crap, and I really don’t want to waste my time, especially because I don’t really care for any of them in the lineup anyway, as well as I never did before when I actually voted. So, life goes on, and I decided to take a shower and then turn on my computer.

I entered IMVU, where my avatar received “I Voted” sticker. Well, at least, she voted in the internet virtual world Election Day ballots. I wonder who she voted for.

I check out OC Meetups for activities, and I noticed some hiking trails. I decided to signup up for the usual Woodbridge Lakes and Turtle Rock ones because I am not really familiar with Woodbury and Quail Hill areas, even though they are local too, although I might consider going to the morning hikes at the Woodbury and Quail Hill trails, but I am not sure yet.

Today, I was mostly on the internet, browsing, meditating, and doing research. Then, I decided to watch the movie, The Skulls, which is about a secret society recruiting young male college students for their club. Many of these young guys end up going against the rules, and some are mysteriously found dead. They have creepy rituals. These young guys are branded with a hot metal iron against their skin. During the beginning of the film, there was a creepy initiation ritual, where men in long red robes with hoodies, took their blindfolded recruits into a dark forest at night. These young recruits had to dig their own graves, where they were buried alive inside coffins, and then reborn again into the secret society as members.

I didn't join a sorority because it just didn't get my attention in any way. But I think my brothers joined, although they didn't like it, and one of my brothers gave me his frat sweatshirt, which I wear at the gym for fun.

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