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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Today, I drew another page, which I think looks cute, and I want to continue with this theme in the next three or four pages because my main character will be in that particular environment, figuring things out. I enjoyed a tofu wrap for breakfast. By the time I finished drawing a page, it was lunchtime and I felt drained. So, I made a raw vegan burger burrito for lunch. At around 4pm, I noticed that my three avocados are becoming soft, and I need to eat them fast before they get too old. So, I decided to make a vegan dessert with one. I used one avocado, tablespoon of cacao powder, raw agave, and on cup of hot water. I also added some raw cashew milk that I made earlier this week. It tasted creamy, but more like raw cacao pudding. I was full afterwards, but it was good, creamy and warm dessert.

While eating my dessert, an interesting movie that I have seen before came on, and I decided to watch it again because it is trippy. The movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is about fast driving, psychedelic drugs, and lots of ranting, usually in slurs. It is often hard to follow because I start thinking that the room I am in is also spinning with the scene in the movie. In other words, sometimes some scenes make me dizzy. But I think this movie does a good job putting the view in the main character’s place of a drug addict whose life is often spinning out of control. The main character’s life appears to be spiraling downhill. Since the main character is a journalist, I am assuming that he was exposing the truth about Zionism, and it often has news coverage clips of war protests. The scenes in this film have vintage décor of the seventies. I even noticed my parents’ old A/C from the seventies in the movie. This movie is actually about Hunter S. Thompson’s life as a writer. Moreover, this film is filled with Illuminati symbolism, which is a sign that Hunter knew the truth and he was trying to expose it, which lead him to his psychedelic journey.

While I was at my computer, I suddenly stepped on one of the wires and my computer went off. I glanced at my iPhone time and noticed it is 11:11am. It must be some kind of sign.

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