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Thursday, October 27, 2016

When I went to the post office to drop off some bills, a man asked me about my colorful knit hat from the Australia/New Zealand area, we end up talking about this hat. I noticed that many people here in California like this knit hat that I only wear during autumn and winter as well as sometimes during breezy spring days and evenings. What I think is most interesting is that the colors on this hat matches the colors of a knit bag that I bought from a Guatemalan street vendor. And, it wasn’t intentional because I bought this back in the early 2000s for fun, and the knit hat was a souvenir gift from my mother who went to Australia and New Zealand with friends years later. So, she wasn’t even aware of the bag that I already had. I think it is an interesting coincidence, and I always seem to wear these to items together because they match in the same bold colors.

I returned home and drew a page for my graphic novel. Then, I decided to turn on the computer because I wasn’t quite sure what to draw from the next page.

I entered IMVU, and I noticed I received another Halloween gift, which is an animated apple bobbing activity for my Halloween party location. I chatted with a young guy from India for a while until he left.

I was able to enter Yoworld and CityGirl Life today without lagging problems. But I noticed that the weather was nice in the morning, but it quickly became cloudy by 4pm. I declare it is officially autumn because it is typical autumn weather for California.

By midnight, while I was watching Zoolander 2 on cable, I noticed lots of media propaganda in the comedy film. While continuing to watch this film, I went back to my computer, and IMVU suddenly came on with the Day 7 Halloween Gift, which is a waiter with a skull face and he is holding a tray that has a wine bottle. This gift is animated, which involved serving guests red wine glasses. My avatar enjoyed a glass while chatting with him for a while.


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